Wyndham Art Prize 2022


Very excited to be a finalist in this year’s Wyndham Art Prize!

Opening Thursday 2 June 2022 6:30 pm-8.30 pm

 Come and celebrate the work of 80 local and national finalists exploring central concerns in the world today at Wyndham’s premier annual art event.

The cash prizes for 2022 are the Wyndham Art Prize of $15,000 non-acquisitive, the Local Emerging Art Prize (LEAP) of $5,000 acquisitive and People’s Choice of $2,500.

This year’s prize will be judged by artists and curators Maree Clarke, Hayley Miller Baker and Andy Butler. 

The night includes all the frills and festivities of a prize announcement as well as the special inclusion of the release and launch of our hardcover book DECADE. DECADE presents 10 years of visual art programming at the Wyndham Art Gallery through new writing and rich images of exhibitions and art in our gallery. 

All welcome.

The Wyndham Art Prize finalists for 2022 are:

Aida Azin, Alain Pottier, Amelia Jean O’Leary, Amrita Hepi, Andrew Rovenko, Annette Wagner, Asif Hussein, Bernard Singleton, Bridget Hillebrand, Cally Lotz, Cathy Mackay, Charlie Komsic, Chelle Destefano, Chris Bond, Christine Lining Bulandus, Christophe Stibio, Clarine Wilmar, Clinton Naina, Clive Gono, Connor Ovenden-Shaw, Cybele Cox, Cyrus Tang, Dave Carswell, David Cossini, Donna Marcus, Emily Portmann, Emma Varker, Eva Collins, Fassih Keiso, Femy Francis, Fleur Brett, Franky Howell, Gail Harradine, Ioulia Panoutsopoulos, Irihipeti Waretini, Ivy Mutuku, Jack Lee, Jarrad Martyn, Jessie Deane, Jude Hotchkiss, Katrina Tyler, Kelly Manning, Kerrin Samuel, Kien Situ, Lauren Joffe, Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger, Lee Harrop, Leilani Bale, Lilah Benetti, Lucy Maddox, Luke Parry, Mark Dustin, Mark Forbes, Matthew Simpson, Melissa Lazaridis, Meredith Marshallsea, Michelle Ripari, N Breedon, Nabilah Nordin, Nikki Lam, Ophelia Bakowski, Penelope Davis, Rachel Honnery, Robina Enders-Smith, Rukz One, Samantha Marié, Sarah Tracton, Sarrita King, Serwah Attafuah, Shamima Islam, Shari Nye, Sherry Paddon, Sid Pattni, Tim Vagg, Trudi Harley, Victoria Pham, Warren O’Brien, Zai Kuang, Zanny Begg, Zoe Jones of Hands Weave Hello.


Wyndham Art Gallery

177 Watton Street, Werribee, VIC 3030

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